Project ID: plumID:19.013
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Category: methods
Keywords: force field, RNA
PLUMED version: 2.4
Contributor: Giovanni Bussi
Submitted on: 19 Apr 2019
Last revised: 06 May 2019
Publication: A. Cesari et al., Fitting Corrections to an RNA Force Field Using Experimental Data, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 15, 3425–3431 (2019)

PLUMED input files

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apply_corrections/plumed.dat tested on v2.8 tested on master

Last tested: 30 Nov 2021, 16:01:16

Project description and instructions
The zip file contains the code used to fit dihedral corrections. It also contains a PLUMED input file that can be used to apply corrections for a AAAA tetranucleotide. In order to generate corrections for RNA molecules with different sequences, one should download the script and modify it accordingly.

Submission history
[v1] 19 Apr 2019: original submission
[v2] 06 May 2019: added DOI

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