Project ID: plumID:23.046
Name: Lasso Peptides - HLDA CV
Category: bio
Keywords: metadynamics, protein folding, HLDA, harmonic
PLUMED version: 2.7.1
Contributor: Gabriel da Hora
Submitted on: 21 Dec 2023
Publication: unpublished

PLUMED input files

File Compatible with
github/MccJ25/plumed.dat tested on v2.9 tested on master
github/Sun/plumed.dat tested on v2.9 tested on master
github/Uln/plumed.dat tested on v2.9 tested on master

Last tested: 28 Feb 2024, 06:46:05

Project description and instructions
These are AMBER and PLUMED files to run Well-Tempered Metadynamics for each lasso peptide (MccJ25, ulleungdin and sungsanpin) with two CVs. One of the CVs biases the isopeptide bond between residues 1 and 8 and the second is defined by HLDA as a combination of weighted distances from the ring 1-8 to the piercing residue.

Submission history
[v1] 21 Dec 2023: original submission

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