Project ID: plumID:22.014
Name: Quasi Liquid Layer Order Parameters
Category: materials
Keywords: Quasi-Liquid Layer, Steinhardt Order Parameter, Entropy Fingerprint
PLUMED version: 2.5.1
Contributor: Jihong Shi
Submitted on: 28 Mar 2022
Publication: J. Shi, M. Fulford, H. Li, M. Marzook, M. Reisjalali, M. Salvalaglio, C. Molteni, Investigating the quasi-liquid layer on ice surfaces: a comparison of order parameters. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 24, 12476–12487 (2022)

PLUMED input files

File Compatible with
plumed-order-parameters.dat tested on v2.9 tested on master with LOAD

Last tested: 27 Nov 2023, 18:43:31

Project description and instructions
The PLUMED data file reported here can be used to calculate the Steinhardt Order Parameters and entropy fingerprint using PLUMED 2.5.1.

Submission history
[v1] 28 Mar 2022: original submission

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